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Pc auto restart.

Kalu bile korang pasang suis…
pc korang start sendiri….dan keluar skrin macam nie:
korang kena gi tukar bateri CMOS kat motherboard korang..
dlm RM 10 jer…
Replace CMOS battery

What is a CMOS battery, and why does my computer need one?

All computers that have an 80286 processor or later require a small battery on the system board that provides power to the Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) chip, even while the computer is turned off. This chip contains information about the system configuration (e.g., hard disk type, floppy drive types, date and time, and the order in which the computer will look for bootable disks). All AT, ATX, or later computers have a CMOS battery that allows the CMOS to preserve these settings.

Hmm…aku tau sebab aku baru aku baru hantar pc aku gi kedai..
dan tambah satu kipas…yeeeehaaaa…